July 2, 2021

“It felt like we were both dead for 13 hours…”

Mr. Solomon Drar

Mr. Solomon Drar is an Eritrean legendary artist whose immortal works have left indelible marks on the hearts of many people. He put his everything to his artistic works. He is a writer, a poet and a lyricist. Following is our brief chat with him.

by Sabrina Solomon | I would first love to thank you for your time, Mr. Solomon Drar. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers, who is Solomon Drar?
Thank you for the invitation. I am Solomon Drar, born in 1956 in Senafe. I attended my elementary school in Embaseyas School and did my 6th and 7th grades in Senafe. After finishing 9th grade in Dekemhare city, I dropped out of school to join my peers in the liberation front. I joined the E.L.F (Eritrean Liberation Front) at the end of 1975. After staying with the E.L.F for about a year and half, I was involved in a movement known as “Falul” and joined the E.P.L.F (Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front) in 1977. I was with the combatant units until the end of 1977. At the end of the year, I was sent to a unit of the disabled as I got an injury on my leg. I stayed there performing different tasks until Eritrea’s independence. After independence, I was at first a member of the committee of the association of the disabled veterans and then…


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