July 2, 2021

“It’s one thing to have read something And another to have lived an experience”

Ms. Susan Ngongi

Ms. Susan Ngongi is a UN resident coordinator who has completed her four-year term in Eritrea. Following is an excerpt of her interview on Eri-TV.

What is the extent of your knowledge and your view of Eritrea before and after you got here?
Well, before I got here, I had a limited knowledge about the country. Of course, I have read few things and I had minimal knowledge. However, what helped me was that I was here in 2015 for a one-week mission with UNICEF. I was with the UNICEF regional office at the time I came to the country. So I saw the place but still didn’t know that much although it definitely helped me when I came back as resident coordinator in 2017.


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