October 18, 2022

Keynote Address By Minister Arefaine Berhe On World Food Day

Ladies and Gentlemen!

This year’s World Food Day theme is “Leave no one behind”, “Better Production, Better Nutrition, Better Environment and Better Life”. This matches very well with our strategy which is elaborated as follows;

Better Production
In Eritrea, the challenge of food production starts from its location.  As Eritrea is situated in the Sahel region, lack of enough and regular rainfall and moisture is the main limiting factor for food production. Hence the number one priority of the Government has been and still is implementing soil and water conservation programs both on and off farm. Accordingly, numerous dams of different sizes were built over the past 30 years, mainly for irrigation. Around the bigger dams the government has also built several access roads, dry and cold stores. Additionally, the government has invested a lot to expand modified rain-fed agriculture and spate irrigation in the eastern and western lowlands as…


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