May 25, 2021

Keynote Address By President Isaias Afwerki 30th Independence Anniversary

Dear Compatriots at Home and Abroad,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
My profound Congratulations on this auspicious Day of the 30th Anniversary of our Independence!

Let me also express my gratitude to those who have organized this event.
The significance and splendour of this momentous day radiates more with time; year-in and year-out.  And beyond instilling immense jubilation and pride, it impels us to ponder on, and mull over, several indelible truths.Eritrea’s inalienable legal and natural rights to independence and sovereignty were suppressed and trampled upon at the end of the Second World War.  The Eritrean people refused to succumb to slavery, colonialism, deceit, the logic of force, and subordination.  They waged a ferocious struggle with heroism and resilience for fifty years – from 1941 until 1991 – to assert the independence and sovereignty of their country through heavy sacrifices.


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