December 25, 2021

Law and Nation Building: MoJ’s Law Week

By Habtom Tesfamichael
Organized by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Law Week was held from 6-11 December featuring a variety of events and programs. The Law Week, which was conducted under the theme “Law and Nation Building”, was attended by a wide range of audiences — from elementary school children to senior citizens in their eighties; government and PFDJ officials; staff of the Ministry of Justice, the courts and the prosecution; representatives of the public, the Eritrean Diaspora and students. Mr. Aman Habtzghi, staff member of the Criminal Affairs Research Division of the Attorney General’s Office, said that the Law Week, a nation-wide initiative that was planned a long time ago, aimed at promoting community awareness and understanding of the law and the legal system of Eritrea. To this end the MoJ planned a range of activities, including seminars, presentations of research papers, pro-bono legal services, exhibition, special program for Eritreans in Diaspora, general legal knowledge competitions, programs for students…


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