April 17, 2021

Letter of Eritrea’s Ambassador to the UN to Current President of UNSC

I have the honour to strongly register my government’s dismay by the unwarranted statements made by the US Permanent Representative to the UN during the closed UNSC Session yesterday. In this respect, OCHA’s pliant and unconstructive role, and especially its persistent position to venture into areas beyond its mandate, is unfortunate and unacceptableTo begin with, let us get the facts straight. The crisis in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia erupted solely because the TPLF clique – supported and emboldened for decades by certain powers – unleashed a massive, pre-emptive attack on all the contingents of the entire Ethiopian Northern Command. The purpose of this “blitzkrieg” was to neutralize Ethiopia’s largest army contingent, confiscate its weaponry (80% of the total arsenal of the DF) and seize power in Ethiopia through violence and subsequently invade Eritrea.


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