December 28, 2012

Many more tourism attraction wonders in the NRS

by Yishak Yaried | In the last couple of articles we have been covering ancient, historical and tourism attraction places in the Northern Red Sea region. The region is so endowed with countless wanders that it needs time and resources to cover them all.

Many of the sites are also not yet fully discovered and waiting the right time for exploration and reveal them to the outside world and play their share in developing tourism industry of the country.

In the heart of the island there exist an ancient Mosque presumably built by Egyptians during their rule over the Red Sea coast. Every year thousands of pilgrims used to come from all over the region to the Mosque and pray together. The elderlies still remember the gathering of the congregation and wish that event starts all over again for it was a happy day in which Eritreans from different religions come to gather and share their culture and experience to one another.

In this article we would try to give brief attention to two areas which are easily accessible and many people would like to visit. Isola Verde and May Wu’ui.

Isola Verde (Green Island) which is located some kilometers from Massawa is tourism attraction with its clean water and thick forest of mangroves. Every Saturdays and Sundays there is a ferry which goes to the island carrying domestic and other tourists. Isola Verde is also known for its coral reefs, sea birds, and breading place for sea turtles.

The hot spring of May Wu’ui (Hot Water) is another tourism attraction place. May Wu’ui is frequently visited by people with different ailments such as skin and nerve problems. They take hot spring bath there for seven days and become relieved from their health problems. There are different hot springs nearby the main May Wu’ui with believed to have unique characteristics to each other.

There is the belief that one only cures ear problem while others cure the liver, eyes and heart problems. In any case they are worth visiting and try bathing for the place is beautiful with its landscape and the hot spring. The modern engineering excellence zig-zag road of Serejeka Gahtelay is another spectacular work that every one would enjoy visiting and traveling through. The road was built by Eritrean engineers and Eritrean workforce. And it is a vivid proof that Eritreans could do miracles with their unflinching maxim of self reliance.

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