April 1, 2022

MoA Monthly Newsletter
Issue No 44, February 2022

Ministry of Agriculture Conducts Annual Assessment Meeting

Ministry of Agriculture Conducts Annual Assessment Meeting

The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) conducted its annual assessment meeting from 27-28 January 2022 at its headquarters in Asmara. The meeting was carried out in accordance with national COVID-19 safety measures and guidelines.
· Agricultural Extension Services and Zobas
According to data from all zobas and the Agricultural Extension Department (AED), in 2021 soil and water conservation (SWC) activities, including maintenance of existing structures, were carried out on more than 34,000 hectares (both on and off-farm).
To date, various types of physical SWC activities have been applied on 39% of the total area under cultivation. Furthermore, 39 small-scale masonry dams have been built in the last three years, with another 23


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