October 23, 2021

My Sweet Memories About Eritrea and its People

Allow me some space in your highly rated newspaper to at least pen down something special about the great State of Eritrea and its most outstanding resource, the people of Eritrea. This is a first-hand testimony as witnessed by myself on the ground. It was indeed an eye opener to me, and also overoptimistic that it was also the case to many others the world over as well. I landed at the Asmara International Airport on the 6th October, 2021 to attend the 66th regular session of the Desert Locust Control Organization Council of Ministers held between 7th and 8th October, 2021 at the Asmara Palace Hotel, being the sole candidate for the position of Director of the Organization, though for technical grounds, which were fair enough in maintaining the corporate integrity, was called off till a later date.The warmth, straightforwardness and a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood of the people of Eritrea was…


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