August 15, 2022

New Book Explores Child Mortality History and Progress in Eritrea

Note: The following article presents a brief overview of the new book, “Child Mortality in Eritrea: An Overview of History and Progress”.

There is no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Across the world, as a result of a variety of different factors and various developments, today that profound tragedy is far less common than it once was.
Throughout the long expanse of human history, the risk of death for children has been invariably extremely high. In the main, while many researchers have examined children’s deaths in the past, exploring a broad array of settings and going back many centuries, the average across a large number of historical studies suggests that in the past around one-quarter of infants died in their first year of life and around half of all children died before they reached the end of puberty. However, during the last two centuries – and over the last several decades in particular – there have been tremendous strides made in…


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