July 27, 2019

Objectives of National Service

Proclamation 82/1995
Asmara October 23/1995

The objectives of National Service shall include the following:
– To establish people based strong defense force to assure the existence of free and sovereign Eritrea.
– To preserve the courage and culture of heroism that the people of Eritrea have shown during the armed struggle in the past 30 years and pass them to the next generations.
– To create hard working, disciplined and an ever ready new generation that participate in reconstruction,
– To enhance the economic development of the country using its human resources in a trained and organized manner.
– To provide regular and continuous military training and vocational training in training centers to alleviate vocational skills and promote physical fitness.
– To cement the unity of our people by promoting unity and nationalism and eradicating sub-national attitudes.

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