June 6, 2022

Opening Statement by Mr. Tesfai Gebreselassie

Minister of Land, Water and Environment To the Gathering Held to Mark World Environment Day,
Asmara, 03 June 2022

Honorable Mr. Fesehaye Haile, Governor of Zoba Maekel
Honorable Madame Amakobe Sande, UN Resident Coordinator
Honorable Mr. James Wakiaga, UNDP Resident Representative
Honorable participants, Ladies, and gentlemen
I welcome and thank you all for coming to take part in the gathering. It has been organized jointly by the MLWE and UNDP-Eritrea Office to mark the upcoming World Environment Day, 5 June.
Before going into making brief and general introductory remarks, I would like, on behalf of the ministry, to express my acknowledgment to the organizers for their effort to prepare the event and UNDP-Eritrea Office for their sponsorship.


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