August 28, 2021

PFDJ Statement on the Golden Jubilee of September First 1961 – 2011

Half a century has elapsed since the beginning of the armed struggle of the Eritrean people for the right of self-determination and liberation on September 1st, 1961. In human history, time is numerically measured by the normative and conventional yardstick of years, centuries etc.. In other words, time is standardized in a notional sense. But in a more profound sense, what is relevant is not its sheer physical dimension in terms of the years elapsed, but the specific human activities, experiences, changes and developments that transpire in the given interval of time as a result of willful human action. In other words, what is relevant is not the duration of the time elapsed but the particular impact or footprint that time leaves behind. Equivalent time intervals in history may thus produce fundamentally distinct and incongruous outcomes. In this vein, the past fifty years have been years of epic struggle and progress and, to that extent, unique in the annals of the history of the Eritrean…


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