November 17, 2018

President Isaias Afwerki -“The changes we are witnessing in Eritrea and Ethiopia reflect the two peoples’ resistance and resolve”

In an interview conducted with national media outlets on Saturday 3 November 2018, President Isaias Afwerki discussed the significance, progress, and regional ramifications of the recent historic peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia and other related developments. Excerptst of the interview follow.

The peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia have waged long and costly struggles for justice and liberation. And in this past June, 16 years after the decision by the Boundary Commission, the new Ethiopian government announced its full acceptance of the Commission’s ruling and its readiness to implement it without equivocation. As a result, both governments have started to take bold measures to put their bilateral ties back on the positive track. What is the political backdrop of this new reality?

The border problem, the failure to implement the EEBC decision, should not be seen in isolation; outside the larger context.

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