January 4, 2020

President Isaias Afwerki’s New Year Message

On the auspicious occasion of the New Year, I convey my best wishes to the people of Eritrea and its defense forces for the year ahead – for 2020. More than any other time in the past, we are bidding farewell to the year 2019 perched on the pinnacle of hope and confidence.

Indeed, in addition to auspicious regional developments, the principal factor that enabled us to usher in a favourable and promising platform is our domestic strength and capabilities. It is because we chose to pursue an independent trajectory; to close our ranks; as well as face all adversity with spiritual equanimity.

After an arduous journey engulfing three generations, we are welcoming the 2020 New Year with more prospective opportunities against the backdrop of new and conducive international and regional climate. And by scaling the minor remnant challenges, we shall make this year a harbinger of a more gracious and brighter future.

Today, as ever before, our victory is certain; because we possess the attributes of implementing in practice our lofty aspirations; because we ultimately emerge triumphant and because of our characteristic resilience.

Happy New Year Once Again!
Victory to the Masses!

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