January 9, 2024

President of Federal Republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud To Eri-TV

“I have frequently visited Eritrea. For us Eritrea is home. We came here to brief His Excellency President Isaias about the situation in Somalia’s war against the terror going on in Somalia where Eritrea is supporting us heavily. I also came to brief His Excellency about the recent dynamics of the region. Our region is a very volatile region. I just came to share with him the perspectives of Somalia about the region. So it was information-sharing and briefing to each other that we do frequently. Well, Eritrea has always been with Somalia and we are very much grateful for that. Eritrea has extensively supported Somalia and the war against al-Shabaab.And of course, Eritrea has been in support of preserving the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Somalia and that is the international position of Eritrea. And still it is and His Excellency, the President, reiterated the same to me today. We are very much grateful for that as well”.

On Jan 9, 2024

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