July 23, 2018

Press Release – The EU: crocodile tears on Migration

Certain pivotal powers in the European Union seem to arrogate to themselves the issue of migration – aptly dubbed as slavery in the 21st century – and see it as their exclusive “business” that elicits responsibility on them alone more than others. As such, , they have and continue to adopt several, rather whimsical, resolutions on the subject while giving undue publicity to the scourge through their media outlets.
The African continent reportedly possesses 60% of global natural resources. Irrespective of the accuracy of this figure, it amplifies the sheer magnitude of Africa’s resources.

Most segments of Africa’s economy still remain at the primary stage. Population growth in Africa continues to be the highest in the world. Africa’s raw materials were exploited without fair return in the past. The trend has worsened in present times. Africa’s transition from the primary stage to manufacturing and processing and its capabilities to leverage its resources – and especially its human resources –were impeded in the past. Europe is one of the players that has played a prominent role in maintaining this stranglehold.

On the other hand, population growth in Europe has been dwindling to become negative (in spite of variations in individual countries). The proportion of pensioners has been increasing with its attendant economic burden; unemployment is on the rise; and Europe’s economic competitiveness has been shrinking in global terms. In the event, some powerful EU member states consider inducing African migration – i.e. Africa’s professional/expert as well as unskilled manpower and labour – to Europe as a panacea to the challenges they are grappling with. The willful drainage of Africa’s human resources has thus become a policy instrument that is implemented through subtle and organized networks. Stoking conflicts and turmoil; prodding certain “African leaders” to submit and cooperate in the scheme, are part and parcel of the ploy.

The “show” or convention that took place in Khartoum through the sponsorship of Germany is a manifestation of this whole affair. In the event, it is time to say: “leave us alone!”; “enough is enough!”.

Ministry of Information
21 July 2018

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