April 29, 2022

Progress in the Health Sector

The vision of the Eritrean Government as stated in the National Charter of the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) is to achieve rapid, balanced, home grown; and sustainable economic growth with social equity and justice, anchored on the principle of self-reliance. The Government of the State of Eritrea recognizes that a healthy population is necessary for the establishment of a dynamic, productive and resilient society. The health sector in the country is guided by the National Health Policy, which is implemented through five-year strategic plans. The overall stewardship role of the sector is provided by the MoH. At the regional level, there are 6 Zonal (Zoba level) MOH Branch offices. The sub-zoba or District Medical Offices are the health management offices closet to the community. The sector has adopted an annual operational planning process, which is in the process of getting cascaded down to…


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