August 7, 2015

Promoting Literacy: Eritrea’s Farsighted Vision

Promoting Literacy: Eritrea’s Farsighted | Fathers and mothers, youths and adults in general who never received to education due to different reasons have been called upon to take maximum advantage of literacy programs organized by Eritrea’s Education Ministry.

A compulsory education for all children of school age has also made due contribution in the decline of illiteracy.
As Eritrea’s society gives too much credit to knowledge and wisdom and thus prioritizes the intellectual rather than material benefits of education, a number of people have been actively taking the advantage that could be obtained through education. Such initiative of the Eritrean people and the urge towards knowledge has by far reduced the country’s illiteracy range.

There is no doubt the more illiteracy is prevalent, the more negative impacts in socio-economic, cultural, historic, and linguistic aspects would be. Thus, literacy is a multi-faceted tool that could positively affect development of any sort in any given nation.

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