April 7, 2018

Restoring resources existing
Technical and Vocational Education

By Eyob Russom | Education is given top priority in Eritrea and is seen as a means of eradicating poverty, minimizing ignorance, inequality, and disparity among individuals and countries. The State of Eritrea, particularly the Ministry of Education, believes that education is a basic human right and the foundation that helps build peace and drive sustainable development. This notion rose during the long period of struggle for independence.The Eritrean Societies’ thirst for and demand of knowledge has grown over the years.The State of Eritrea, in its Guiding Principles and the Rationale for the National Policy on Education, revised in December 2009, stated that all citizens should have access and equity, relevance and quality, unity and diversity, science and technology, to attain their potential as all round citizens to contribute to nation building. Education is given to citizens without fee.

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