January 25, 2012

Security Council should fulfill its responsibility in ensuring and safeguarding regional security and territorial integrity of member states

The Eritrean Foreign Ministry, noting that the regime which continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territories in lieu of its masters for more than 10 years rejecting the EEBC’s final and binding decision, is endangering the values of international laws and regional peace, and called on the Security Council to fulfill its responsibility in ensuring regional peace and territorial integrity of member states.

The Ministry in its message of 23 January noted that the defamation against Eritrea is part and parcel of the unprovoked hostility of the US Administration, and as the TPLF regime considers itself the courier, it puts Ethiopia as a stepping ground for destabilization; and “blaming Eritrea as the main culprit for the popular uprising is the result of such an erroneous strategy, which act is but risible and very difficult to fathom.”

Likewise, in a press statement it issued, the Afar opposition group (A.R.D.U.F) dismissed as baseless the accusation that Eritrea has a hand in the incident of the kidnapping on 16 January in the Afar administrative region, Northern Ethiopia. It further confirmed that the killing of the foreigners took place when the TPLF forces opened fire on the opposition group for which the TPLF bears responsibility for the killing of the foreigners.

The organization expressed its condolences for the loss of life of the foreigners during the battle deliberately opened by the TPLF forces. It also guaranteed that the German tourists and Ethiopians under its custody are in good condition and that it would release them soon.

It also reiterated that it was compelled to wage the armed struggle to liberate the Afar people and others from economic, cultural, social and political rights deprivation by the TPLF regime.
In the wake of the evidence released by A.R.D.U.F., the TPLF regime which earlier rushed to issue press statement shied away from giving response.

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