August 31, 2013

September 1 event of honoring pledge: PFDJ statement

Flag of EritreaAsmara, 31 August 2013 – In a statement it issues in connection with September 1 marking the 52nd year of the launching of the armed struggle for independence, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) underlined that the Day is an occasion for honoring a national pledge.

The statement stressed that the Day is a significant event during which nationals should reiterate their utmost commitment towards advancing the interest of the people and the nation vis-à-vis honoring the trust of fallen heroes, besides reaffirming the resolve to persist in struggle.  Noting that the continuation of such a struggle heavily depends on correct theoretical and political path coupled with potent organization, the People’s Front underscored that sustainability of the nation-building process calls for the reinforcement of the Front.

The statement went on to emphasize the paramount importance of ensuring popular awareness, strong organization, steadfastness and spirit of sacrifice in the nation-building process, as attested to by the armed struggle and the subsequent experience acquired in the post-independence period. It further stressed the need for putting up sustained endeavors so as to guarantee the success of the popular struggle towards building a strong nation in which prosperity and social justice prevail.

Meanwhile, a cultural show was staged in the afternoon hours today at Cinema Roma in connection with the 52nd anniversary of the launching of the armed struggle for independence highlighting the weighty sacrifice paid by the Eritrean people and the steadfastness demonstrated by the freedom fighters.

Similarly, Eritrean community members in Jeddah city and its environs, Saudi Arabia, marked the momentous event with patriotic zeal. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Mohammed Omar Mahmoud, the Eritrean Ambassador to the country, said that nationals should reaffirm their pledge of honoring the trust of martyrs while observing September 1.

Various activities were also staged by adolescents and YPFDJ members on the occasion.

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