November 21, 2023

Social Services in Gash-Barka Region

Milka Teklom
Education is one of the social services that has been given a lot of attention in the Gash-Barka region. According to Mr. Mohammed Ali, director of the education sector in the region, there are more than 460 schools in the region that cater to the needs of 176,225 students, who make up 20.5 % of the region’s total population. In line with the government’s policy of mother tongue education, there are two elementary schools that teach in Saho, five in Bidawiet, 21 in Nara, 32 in Kunama, 56 in Arabic, 90 in Tigre and 129 in Tigrinya languages. Like elementary schools, preschools also give services in all ethnic languages except in Saho and Bidawiet. The number of girls’ enrollment in schools


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