December 27, 2022

Somalia Federal Republic
Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism

Press Release
The Federal Government of Somalia wishes to announce that the repatriation of Somali troops who underwent training in Eritrea which kicked off yesterday will continue for the coming few weeks until all of them are back home. Around 5,000 Somali soldiers have undergone military training in the last three years, thanks to the brotherly country of Eritrea which imparted to them much-needed, high-level skills. The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who put efforts to ensure the safe return of the troops has indicated that the forces will play a major role in the ongoing fight against the terrorist Khawarijite group of Al Shabab.”The arrival of the first batch of Somali forces trained in Eritrea has given fresh impetus to the heroes of the Somali National Forces who are determined to rid the country of the Al-Shabaab menace once and for all” President Hassan said. The Federal Government of Somalia expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the President and people of Eritrea for their generosity in…


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