May 16, 2020

Statement on Random Testing

COVID -19 continues to spread at an alarming rate globally since the first outbreak of the disease in December last year.  To-date, the pandemic has engulfed more than 200 counties and territories infecting more than 4.6 million people and claiming more than 300,000 lives. In the majority of countries, controlling the contagion and levelling the curve still remain elusive objectives and aspirations.   Reversing the rate of transmission and eschewing the risk of resurgence have not, indeed, crystallized yet.

At the same time, the multiple and intensive researches earnestly underway to find vaccines or therapeutic drugs for COVID-19 are still at an early, preliminary phase.  All these factors accentuate the magnitude and gravity of the global pandemic. Against this preoccupying backdrop, the GOE’s strategy of combating COVID-19 has been clear and unequivocal from the outset. The essence of this policy consists of taking, first and foremost, all requisite measures to prevent an outbreak of the disease and to curtail its transmission through robust Non-Pharmaceutical Measures in the event of its occurrence in the country.


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