January 26, 2012

The Eritrea-Ethiopia border issue has been legally closed and should not be revisited in letter and spirit: Political Analyst

Asmara, 26 January 2012 – Mr. Christian Glaunsinger, a political analyst, said that the Eritrean-Ethiopian border problem has been legally closed with the EEBC’s final and binding ruling, as well as the virtual demarcation in accordance with the Algiers Agreement and is a closed case that should not be revisited in letter and spirit as a cause whenever the situation in the Horn of Africa is raised.

Mr. Glaunsinger said that “The Eritrean-Ethiopian border was virtually demarcated 10 years ago with the International Court decision as final and binding. The border is more defined than that of any other nation in the world.” He further underlined that the remaining task is to ensure the withdrawal of the external force that has illegally occupied sovereign Eritrean territories in lieu of its masters in violation of the UN Charter and international laws, besides endangering peace in the Horn of Africa and international values.

Furthermore, Mr. Christian Glaunsinger asserted that “this proxy adventure violates the principles of the Algiers Agreement and UN Charter Article 2.4 which states that “every member state should respect territorial integrity and political freedom.” He also emphasized that if peace and stability are to prevail in the Horn of Africa, the force that has occupied sovereign Eritrean territories in lieu of its masters has to pull out, end the open invasion on Somalia, in addition to stopping interference in the affairs of other African countries.

Mr. Glaunsinger further reiterated that unless there exists condemnation of the violations of international law and respect the UN Charter, the “world would be governed by the rule of the jungle”, and reminded that in order to ensure regional peace and security, the values of mankind, and supremacy of law and legal measures should be respected and action taken against lawlessness.

Likewise, Mr. Attai Essawy, Egyptian expert on African issues, stated that the problem in the Horn of Africa, including the occupation of Eritrean sovereign territories, is the result of the erroneous policy of the US Administration that gives room for hegemonic ambitions of the few. He also asserted that the TPLF regime is not only against Eritrea but also commits military interference in Somalia and others, which acts emanate from its subservience to the US Administration and anchor in East Africa.

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