August 22, 2022

“The Resilience we have Learned from our people Keeps us Strong Throughout our Struggle” Professor Ghideon Abbay

By Ruth Abraham
Professor Ghideon Abbay is a mathematician, a historian and, as he proudly says, an Eritrean struggling to inspire the Eritrean youth and fix distorted images of Eritrea. He is a professor of mathematics at the University of Richmond, Virginia, USA, and labels himself and his fellow Eritreans in the diaspora ambassadors of Eritrea engaged in public diplomacy. This interview focuses on the challenges Eritrean-Americans face in the United States and the efforts they make to defend Eritrea.

· Thank you for your time Professor. Please, give us a picture of ‘Hizbawi Mekete’ in North America.
It is an all-encompassing Mekete and I like that you left it undefined because it is unparalleled. Wherever they are Eritreans are passionate about their country. There are accusations that are repeatedly made by some people with agenda or by special interest groups. Firstly, Mekete is directed at making Eritreans, especially the young, grounded in their….


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