October 31, 2015

Unjust and illegal Security Council Resolution 1907

 Security Council Resolution 1907

On the 23rd of December 2009, ie., on Christmas Eve, The United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1907 under Chapter Seven of the UN Charter, imposing unfair and unjust sanctions against Eritrea.

This ill-intended decision was engineered by the United States with a calculated effort to weaken Eritrea and hamper the economic and social development process in Eritrea.

It was also intended to divert international attention from the Eritrean Ethiopian Border Commission’s (EEBC) final and binding decision of 13th April, 2002, thus creating a no war- no peace limbo with a big chunk of Eritrean sovereign territory occupied by Ethiopian forces thereby also implementing its political agenda in the Horn of Africa.

The US administration aiming at advancing its Machiavellian policy, echoed the Somalia – Eritrea Monitoring Group’s report, which was packed with unfounded, politically- motivated accusations, outright lies and fabrications, and had neeb presented to the Security Council by the Sanctions Committee.

The astonishing matter here was the fact that the Security Council adopted the draft report, as was, without any scrutiny or shred of evidence in support of the accusations, thus abandoning completely its historical, political, legal and moral obligations. Actually, this was where Eritrea’s problem with the Security Council first emanated from.

The above-mentioned unjust and illegal Security Council Resolution 1907 had no relationship whatsoever with the unfounded assumption that Eritrea supported Al-Shebaab in Somalia on the one hand and the false accusation of border conflict fabricated through Djibouti on the other hand.

Consequently, Eritrea once again calls upon the Security Council to reverse its stance which led to this unjust and illegal Resolution, as well as to lift its sanctions without any precondition or delay and reinstitute Eritrea’s dignity. It’s only by so doing that international law and justice can prevail in accordance with the text and the spirit of the UN charter.

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