July 24, 2015


Prepared for a Meeting at the House of Lords, United Kingdom on 18 June 2015

Asmarom Legesse, Ph.D. (Harvard) Emeritus Professor of AnthropologyBy Asmarom Legesse, Ph.D. (Harvard) Emeritus Professor of Anthropology Boston & Northwestern Universities and Swarthmore College

Allow me to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to address members of this august body and to Lord Rea and Lord Avebury for their efforts and attempts to hold the meetings at the House of Lords and especially despite Lord Avebury’s grave illness. The first meeting that was scheduled was cancelled at short notice, due to the concerted effort of Baroness Kinnock and to the dismay of the Eritrean Diaspora. We remain however always deeply indebted to Lord Avebury for his sustained support over the years.

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