Tsegana Integrated Farm Pioneering
Certified Commercial Compost Production in Eritrea

Since early 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is undertaking vigorous efforts to promote organic farming by strengthening experts and various agricultural firms to get involved in the production of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides. Tsegana – Milk and Milk Products Processing Plant is based in Geshnashm Village – 30 kms North west of Asmara – in the Sub-zone of Serejeka. It is one of the agricultural sites which is dedicated to organic farming and mass production of compost. The Public Relations Division of the MoA has conducted an interview with Mr. Mussie Gaim, the General Manager of the Plant with regards to the general development of the company in general, and compost production endeavors in particular.



The State of Eritrea and the Federal Republic of Somalia,
Basing themselves on the historical fraternal ties and mutual solidarity between the peoples of Eritrea and Somalia;
Conscious of the vital common interests they share;
Recognizing that the successful fight against terrorism in Somalia is a prerequisite for peace, stability and security not only in Somalia but in the Horn of Africa.
Deeply aware of the vital importance of peace and development in Somalia for regional economic integration and prosperity.
Have agreed that Eritrea and Somalia will: (more…)

መዘክር ሓባራዊ ስምምዕ
ሃገረ ኤርትራን ፈደራላዊት ሪፓብሊክ ሶማልን

ሃገረ ኤርትራን ፈደራላዊት ሪፓብሊክ ሶማልን፣
ንታሪኻዊን ሕውነታዊን ምትእስሳር፡ ከምኡ’ውን ድልዱል ሓባራዊ ምሕዝነት ህዝብታት ኤርትራን ሶማልን መሰረት ብምግባር፣
ኣብ መንጎ ክልቲኡ ህዝብታት ዘሎ ዓበይቲ ሓባራዊ ረብሓታት ብምስትውዓል፣
ኣብ ሶማል ዝካየድ ዕውት ቃልሲ ኣንጻር ሽበራ፡ ቅድመ ኩነት ንሰላም፡ ምርግጋእን ጸጥታን ሶማል ጥራይ ዘይኮነ ኣድላይነቱ ንመላእ ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ ብምግንዛብ፣
ሰላምን ልምዓትን ሶማል፡ ንዞባዊ ቁጠባዊ ውህደትን ብልጽግናን ወሳንነቱ ብዕምቈት ብምርዳእ፣
ኤርትራን ሶማልን ኣብዚ ዝስዕብ ጉዳያት ይሰማምዓ፦
ዝምድና ክልቲኡ ህዝብታት እንተላይ ማሕበረኮማት ዲያስፖራ ምዕዛዝ፣


Eritrea-Somalia Joint Statement on the Visit of H. E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to Eritrea

At the invitation of H. E Isaias Afwerki, President of the State of Eritrea, H. E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, paid an official state visit to Eritrea from July 9-12, 2022.
The visit underscored the historic fraternal ties and mutual solidarity between the peoples of Eritrea and Somalia.
During his stay, and accompanied by President Isaias, President Hassan Sheikh toured development projects in the Southern and Red Sea Regions of Eritrea with a particular focus on water security and management, agriculture, dairy production, green energy, and infrastructural development.
A highlight of President Hassan Sheikh’s stay was his visit to the members of the National Army of Somalia who has been undertaking military training in Eritrea. In his address to the trainees…


ሰላምን ምሕዝነትን ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን
ዘስዓቦ ስንባደን ዕንደራን

ቅድሚ 4 ዓመት፡ ብ9 ሓምለ 2018፡ ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን፡ ን20 ዓመታት ዝኣክል ኣብ መንጎአን ዝጸንሐ ኩነተ-ውግእን ተጻብኦን ምብቅዑ ዝእውጅ፡ ሓድሽ ምዕራፍ ንምኽፋት ዝዓለመ 5 ዓምድታት ዘለዎ ሓባራዊ ኣዋጅ ሰላምን ምሕዝነትን ምኽታመን ይዝከር።
ዕዙዝነት ናይዚ ታሪኻዊ ስምምዕ’ዚ፡ ህዝብታት ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን፡ ንናይ ግዳም ኣጀንዳ፡ ብዶባዊ ምስሕሓብ ተመኽንዩ ኣብ ዝተወልዐ ናይ 1998-2000 ኲናት ዝደመይዎን ዝኸስርዎን ከይኣክል፡ እቲ ጉዳይ ኣብ ፍርዲ ቀሪቡ፡ መዕለቢ ምስ ተገብረሉ’ውን፡ ካብ ሕጊ ንምህዳምን ትግባረኡ ንምዕንቃጽን ንዓመታት ዝቐጸለ ሕብረ-ብዙሕ ተጻብኦታት ሰጊርካ ዝተበጽሐ ስምምዕ ምንባሩ’ዩ። ካልእ ፍሉይነቱ፡ እቲ ስምምዕ፡ ብቃልሲ ክልቲኡ ህዝብታት ንዝመጸ ለውጢ ስዒቡ፡ ብዘይ ናይ ግዳም መንጎኛን ዓራቒን፡ ብድሌትን ተበግሶን መንግስታት ክልቲአን ሃገራት፡ ዝተበጽሐ ምዃኑ እዩ።


Eritrean Women Agribusiness Association

By Ruth Abraham
Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, and farmers contribute to the efforts to achieve food security and national development. Although commercial farming is predominantly practiced by men, there are women farmers in Eritrea who mostly engage in small and medium scale farming. Their most crucial challenge has been marketing their products, and the Eritrean Women Agribusiness Association (EWAA) has been a leader in taking initiatives to address the challenge and empower women farmers.EWAA was formed in 2003 under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and supported by the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Tsehaitu Daniel. At the beginning, almost all of the members of the association were beginners in their respective specialization such as dairy farm, poultry or food processing, etc.


Eritrea: Progress on Healthcare

By Habtom Tesfamichael
The National Health Policy (NHP) of Eritrea promotes the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health for all as one of the fundamental rights of every citizen. The policy gives priority to the health and wellbeing of all through universal access to affordable, quality and essential health services delivered through resilient and responsive health systems. Its mission is ensuring physical, mental and social aspects of health of the people of Eritrea by providing Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Right after independence, one of the priorities of the government of Eritrea was replacing the incapacitated healthcare facilities it inherited and building new ones in areas where there had been none. The NHP stipulates that the building of new healthcare facilities by identifying areas where they are needed and expanding services to reach all citizens will continue.


“Leaving no one Behind”
Is More than a Slogan
Eritrea Health Care Success
Children with IDDs

The empowerment of the disabled and other socially and physically disadvantaged segments of the society continues to be a priority of Eritrea’s development agenda. The government and community organizations are actively working to ensure that Eritreans living with disabilities are not left behind. Soon after Eritrea’s independence, associations were established to represent and work for people with disabilities. The associations secured unfettered support from the government and the people living inside and outside of Eritrea. The associations that are functioning include the Eritrean National War-Disabled Veterans Association, Eritrean National Association of the Deaf, Eritrean National Association of the Blind and National Association of Autism and Down syndrome in Eritrea.


50 HRC – Eritrea’s Statement On the ID with the SR on Eritrea

Mr. President,
The present mandate on Eritrea was established in 2012 as a continuation of the external threats pursued by the US and its western allies. Accordingly, harassment tools including the UN sanction imposed on Eritrea in the pretext of alleged Eritrea’s support to “terrorism/Al Shebab’ were applied to make Eritrea malleable and accept their diktat, especially on the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) international award that they wanted to illegally alter at the expense of its territorial integrity and sovereignty. In this context, the SR complemented by the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea until it was retracted after 2 years, were established to vilify, isolate and destabilize Eritrea and served as a continuation of conflict in the Horn of Africa. The TPLF minority government in Ethiopia served this ill intent until it was ousted from power in 2018 ushering for new dynamics of peace.


New Book Explores Child Mortality History and Progress in Eritrea

Note: The following article presents a brief overview of the new book, “Child Mortality in Eritrea: An Overview of History and Progress”.

There is no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Across the world, as a result of a variety of different factors and various developments, today that profound tragedy is far less common than it once was.
Throughout the long expanse of human history, the risk of death for children has been invariably extremely high. In the main, while many researchers have examined children’s deaths in the past, exploring a broad array of settings and going back many centuries, the average across a large number of historical studies suggests that in the past around one-quarter of infants died in their first year of life and around half of all children died before they reached the end of puberty. However, during the last two centuries – and over the last several decades in particular – there have been tremendous strides made in…


Eritrean Women in Business: Networking With African Counterparts to Find New Markets

Ruth Negash

By: Mussie Efreim
COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) Federation of National Associations of Women in Business (COMFWB) sub-regional summit of the Horn of Africa was conducted last week. The three-day summit was held at the hall of the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers in Asmara. Regarding the summit and other realted issues Eritrea Profile conducted an Interview with Ms. Ruth Negash, CEO of COMFWB..

Please introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Ruth Negash, and I am a CEO of the COMESA’s Federation of Women in Business (COMFWB). Our headquarters is in Malawi and we’ve 21 member states from the Eastern and Southern parts of Africa. Our office deals with the business activities and development programs that are run by women, and it intends to motivate the region’s women to raise their awareness and improve their economic status. And our ultimate goal is for the region’s women to be able to have a part in Africa’s economic revival.


ምሕላው ሃገራዊ ረብሓታትን
ምዕቃብ ኣህጉራዊ ሰላምን

ኣምባሳደር ቻይና ኣብ ኤርትራ ሚስተር ጻይ ግ፡ ኣብ ትሕቲ “ምሕላው ሃገራዊ ረብሓታትን ምዕቃብ ኣህጉራዊ ሰላምን” ዝብል ኣርእስቲ፡ ብኣጋጣሚ መበል 95 ዓመት ምምስራት ‘ህዝባዊ ሰራዊት ሓርነት ቻይና’ ናይ ዘዳለዎ ጽሑፍ ትርጉም እነሆ፦ ቻይና፡ ብ1 ነሓሰ ‘ህዝባዊ ሰራዊት ሓርነት’ ዝተመስረተሉ መበል 95 ዓመት ጸምቢላ። ‘ሰራዊት ሓርነት ቻይና’፡ ካብ ዝምስረት ኣትሒዙ፡ ኣብ ምግሃድ ታሪኻዊ ዕማም ሃገራዊ ናጽነትን ህዝባዊ ሓርነትን ክነጥፍ ጸኒሑ። ኣብ ዝሓለፈ 95 ዓመት ኣብ ትሕቲ መሪሕነት ኮምዩኒስታዊ ሰልፊ ቻይና፡ እቲ ሰራዊት ቀጻሊ ዓወታት ተጐናጺፉ። “ህዝባዊ ሰራዊት ሓርነት ቻይና” ካብ እዋን ዕጥቃዊ ቃልሲ ጀሚሩ ክሳዕ ምምስራት ህዝባዊት ሪፓብሊክ ቻይና፡ ንጽጉማት ወገናት ካብ ምሕጋዝ ኣትሒዙ ክሳብ ቍጠባዊ ህንጸት፡ ካብ ህጹጽ ረድኤት ክሳብ ቃልሲ ኣንጻር ለበዳ ኮቪድ-19፡ ቀጻሊ ኣበርክቶ ብምግባር፡ ካብ ህዝቢ ቻይና ልባዊ ደገፍ ረኺቡ። ሚዛኑ ዝሓለወ ወተሃደራዊ ጨናፍር ዝመስረተን፡ ምዕቡል መሳርሒታት ዝወነነን ሰራዊት ክኸውን ድማ በቒዑ ኣሎ። “ህዝባዊ ሰራዊት ሓርነት ቻይና”


Eritrea’s Participation At the High-Level Political Forum On Sustainable Development

by Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion
During the first weeks of this month, an Eritrean delegation led by Ambassador Sophia Tesfamariam took part in the 2022 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), convening under the theme, “Building Back Better from the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) While Advancing the Full Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. Gathering in New York under the auspices of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (which is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations), the HLPF saw a total of 44 countries present their Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: 11 countries (including Eritrea) presented for the first time, 28 for the second, three for the third, and two countries presented for the fourth time (Togo and Uruguay).


تصريح حول زيارة بيلوسي الى تايوان

مع ازدياد انكشاف إخفاقات النظام في واشنطن وهشاشته في سياسته العالمية، وفي محاولة لتكثيف سياسة احتواء الصين ، قامت واشنطن بتدبير الزيارة الاستفزازية لرئيسة مجلس النواب بيلوسي إلى تايوان بكل تداعياتها الخطيرة.
إن الفعل الأخير ما هو إلا استمرار للسياسات المتهورة التي اتبعتها الإدارة الأمريكية في السنوات الماضية في آسيا لتعزيز هذا الهدف الفريد.
إن ما اقدمت عليه هذه الادارة يتعارض مع القانون الدولي و قواعد وأحكام سيادة الدولة ؛ وكذلك مبدأ “صين واحدة” و إعادة توحيد الصين.

وزارة الشئون الخارجية
الثالث من اغسطس 2022

Statement on Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

At a time when the flaws and follies of its global policy have become more apparent, and in an attempt to ramp up its policy of containment of China, Washington has concocted the provocative visit of House Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan with all its perilous ramifications.  The latest act is but a continuation of reckless policies that the US Administration has pursued in the past years in Asia to advance this singular objective.
The latest act is deplorable as it is in contravention of international law; the norms and provisions of State sovereignty; as well as, the “One-China” policy, and the process of Chinese reunification.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Asmara, 3 August 2022

ማሕበራዊ ክብርታትና – ክብረትና ሓበንና

እዚ ዝሓለፈ ሰለስተ ዓመታት፡ ንደቂ-ሰብ፡ ንኹሉ ሕብረተሰባት፡ ንኹለን ሃገራት – ፈታኒ’ዩ ኔሩ። ለበዳ ኮሮና ቫይረስ፡ ነተን “ማዕቢልና ኢና፣ ሕክምናዊ ዓቕሚናን ኣገልግሎታትን በቃ ዘበለ’ዩ” ኢለን ዝጀሃራ ዝነበራ ሃገራት፡ ዕርቃነን ኣውጺእዎ። ዜጋታተን በቲ ለበዳ ብኣእላፍ ክልከፉን ክቕዘፉን ምስ ጀመሩ፡ ኣብ ክንዲ ዝተሓላለያን ዝተሓጋገዛን፣ ሓድሕደን ክካሰሳን ክባላዓን ተራእየን። ‘ሰብ ናብ ሰቡ፡ ዝብኢ ናብ ገረቡ’ ኰይኑ።
እዚ ተርእዮ’ዚ፡ ሳዕቤናት ክሊማዊ ለውጢ – ከም ወሰኽ መጠን-ሙቐት፡ ብርትዐ ህቦብላ ማይን ዕልቕልቕ ወሓይዝን – ኣብ ዝቕልቀለሉ ግዜ’ውን ይድገም ኣሎ። ንዓቕሚ ሃገራትን ሕብረተሰባትን፣ ከምኡ’ውን ንማሕበራዊ ስኒት ህዝብታተን፡ ክሳብ ናይ መወዳእታ ደረቱ ይመጦ ኣሎ።
ኲናት ዩክሬን ድማ – ገና መንፈቕ ከይሓለፎ – ሃገራት፡ ኣውራ ሃገራት ምዕራብ፡ ጉልባበን ዝቕልዓሉ፣ ምስሉይነተን ብዛዕባ ሰብኣዊ መሰል፥ ናጽነት ፕረስን ስነ-ጥበብን፥ ናጽነት ስፖርት ካብ ፖለቲካ፥ ሰላምን ሰላማዊ ፍታሕን፥


Ministry Strengthens its Regulatory Services to Secure Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products and Resources

The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is empowering its regulatory services to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products and resources by extending its inspection services across different parts of the country.

The Regulatory Services Department (RSD) of the Ministry which was established in 2003 with a broad objective to regulate the agricultural sector has a vision of “Creating a robust regulatory body with strong enforcement powers to achieve its stated mission”. The mission of the department is “Enforcement of regulatory instruments and standards for ensuring animal and plant health, safety and quality of agricultural products, agricultural inputs (seeds, agrochemicals) and ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources”.


ትርጉምን ርብሓን ዑደት
ፕረስደንት ሶማል ናብ ሃገረ ኤርትራ

ብሙሓመድ ኑር ያሕያ
ፕረስደንት ሶማል ሓሰን ሼኽ ማሕሙድ ፕረስደንት ኢስያስ ኣፍወርቂ ብዝገበረሉ ዕድመ መሰረት ኣብ ኤርትራ ካብ ዐለት 9-12 ሓምለ ዝቀጸለ ናይ 4 መዓልታት ምብጻሕ ከም ዘኻየደ ዝዝከር ኢዩ።
ኣብዚ ምብጻሕ እዚ ክልቲኦም ፕረስደንታት ንምዕዛዝ ዝምድና ታሪኻውን ፖለቲካውን ምትእስሳር ዘልዎም ህዝብታት ኤርትራን ሶማልን፡ ከም እውን ኣብ ዞባውን ኣህጉራውን ጉዳያትን ጽልዋታቶም ኣገባባት ምግጣሞምን፡ብፍላይ ኣብ መቓን እዚ ህውከትን ቅልጡፍ ምዕባሌታትን ዝረኣየሉ ዘሎ ዓለምን ዘትዮም።
እዚ ንኣርባዕተ መዓልታት ዝቀጸለ ምብጻሕ ፕረስደንት ሓሰን ሼኽ ማሕሙድ ናብ ኤርትራ ኣገዳሲ ዝገበሮ፡ ሃገረ ሶማል ኣብ ትሕቲ ዘይርጉእ ጸጥታዊ ኩንታት ኣብ ዘላትሉን ፡ብፍላይ ድማ ፕረስደንት ሓሰን ሼኽ ማሕሙድ ካብ ዝምረጽ ሓጺር ግዜ ኣቅጺሩ ብምህላዉ፡ ኣብ ቅድሚኡ ተገቲሮም ዘለዉ ብድሆታት ንምግጣም ግዜን ሃናጺ ምኽርን ስለዘድልዮ፡ብተወሳኺ ድማ እቲ ምስ ሓዉ ፕረስደንት ኢስያስ ኣፍወርቂ ምይይጥ ዝገብረሉ ንክልተአን ሃገራት ዘገደስ ጉዳያትን ዞባዊ ዛዕባታትን ኣገዳሲ ይገብሮ።


دلالات ومآلات
زيارة   الرئيس الصومالي حسن  شيخ محمود
لدولة ارتريا

​بقلم: محمد نور يحيى
قام رئيس  جمهورية  الصومال  الفيدرالية  بزياة  البلاد في  الفترة  من  التاسع  من  يوليو  الى الثاني  عشر  منه ، بدعوة  من  قبل  الرئيس   اساياس افورقي.
بحث  خلالها  الزعيمان   تعزيز  العلاقات  التاريخية  بين شعبي ارتريا  والصومال ،  اللذين  تربطهما  الكثير   من  الروابط   التاريخية  والسياسية ، كما  بحثا الاوضاع  الاقليمية  والدولية  ، وكيفية  التعامل  معها ،  في  ظل  عالم  متموج  يشهد  تغيرات  بإيقاعات  سريعة.
زيارة  الرئيس  حسن  شيخ محمود للبلاد  وبالمقارنة للفترة الزمنية التي  امضاها فخامته والتي استمرت  لأربعة ايام ، في ظل  ظروف  تمر  بها   الصومال ،  من  حيث  وضعها  الامني  المضطرب ، خاصة وان  الرئيس  حسن لم يمض زمن على تنصيبه ،  حيث  هو  بحاجة  للوقت لمعالجة  الكثير  من  الملفات  التي  تحتاج  للمتابعة والبت  فيها بمعية  مستشاريه ،  لذلك  تنبع  اهمية الزيارة  وما


مذكرة إتفاق مشترك
بين دولة ارتريا وجمهورية الصومال الاتحادية

دولة ارتريا وجمهورية الصومال الاتحادية،
انطلاقا من الروابط التاريخية والاخوية بين دولة ارتريا وجمهورية الصومال الاتحادية والصداقة المشتركة القوية بين الشعبين الارتري والصومالي، نظرا للمصالح المشتركة الكبيرة بين شعب البلدين،
وادراكا بان النضال الناجح الجاري في الصومال ضد الارهاب ليس اولوية
السلام وامن الصومال وحسب ، بل لعموم القرن الافريقي،
وتفهما عميقا لأهمية سلام وتنمية الصومال للتكامل الاقتصادي الاقليمي والازدهار،
تتفق ارتريا والصومال في المجالات التالية:ـ
.1 ـ تعزيز العلاقات الشعبية بما في ذلك الجاليات
2 ـ تقوية التعاون السياسي والدبلوماسي للحفاظ عاى المصالح المشتركة
للبلدين وتقويتها.
3 ـ توسيع التعاون الاقتصادي والاجتماعي بالاهتمام الخاص على التجارة


الذكرى الاربعين
للحملة ألعسكرية الاثيوبية ألسادسة
او ” حملة ألنجم ألأحمر “
1982 ـ 2022

يوم الاثنين الموافق للعشرين من يونيو الجاري، سيحيي الارتريون في ربوع الوطن وفي بلدان المهجر ذكرى يوم الشهداء، شهداء معركة حق تقرير المصير، وشهداء حرب التحرير، وشهداء حرب الدفاع عن السيادة، وذلك على مدار نصف قرن كامل، أي من عام 1961 لغاية عام 1991، ومن 1998 لغاية 2018. فعلى مدى عقدين وزهاء نصف عقد، مارست الانظمة الاستعمارية الاثيوبية المتعاقبة على ارتريا سياسة الارض المحروقة، اي منذ عام 1967 لغاية 1991، مرتكبة المذابح الجماعية النكراء في معظم المدن والقرى الارترية، وتشريد السكان، وتدمير القري، وابادة المواشي، وتسميم آبار المياه، وحرق الاشجار والغابات …الخ والنظام العسكري الاثيوبي بدعم من الاتحاد السوفيتي السابق، والمانيا الشرقية السابقة، واليمن الجنوبي السابق، ومساعدات مالية ليبية، وتواطؤ النظام السوداني خاصة والمجتمع الدولي عامة، شن ثماني حملات عسكرية


كلمة الرئيس اسياس افورقي بمناسبة
الذكرى الحادية والثلاثين للإستقلال

الحضور الكريم ،
المحترمون والمحترمات،
اسمحوا لي أولاً أن أعبر عن أحر التهاني للشعب الإرتري في الداخل والخارج بالذكرى الـ 31 للإستقلال. واسمحوا لي أيضا أن أعرب عن امتناني العميق لجميع الذين ساهموا في تنظيم الاحتفالات بهذا الحدث العزيز. كما اتقدم بالشكر لكل المحبين والمهنئين.
المحترمون والمحترمات ،
الذكرى الحادية والثلاثون لاستقلالنا لها سماتها المميزة في هذه الأوقات المحيرة من الاضطرابات الإقليمية والعالمية المتزايدة. في الواقع ، في هذه السنة الحرجة ، ومن أجل الحفاظ على استقلالنا وسيادتنا وحمايتهما، يتعين علينا إجراء تقييم شامل لمساراتنا الماضية والحالية والمستقبلية من جهة ؛ والأحداث التي وقعت أمس واليوم على الصعيدين الدولي والإقليمي من جهة أخرى. يعد هذا التقييم أمرًا حيويًا لقياس ما يمكن أن نتوقعه غدًا وكذلك لتحديد ما سنحتاج إلى تحقيقه على المدى الطويل.


Eritrea: Essential Education Indicators

Eritrea Essential Education Indicators is the official, annual education publication of the Ministry of Education (MoE) dealing with basic essential indicators. It is the 22nd report produced by the Department of Research and Human Resource Development in terms of organization of schools in the six administrative zobas, the Zobas. The sources of information for this publication are annual school censuses carried out by Zoba education offices through standard questionnaires. This publication covers data from Early Childhood Education (ECE) and General Education (Elementary, Middle and Secondary level). The main purpose of the 2018/19 publication is to provide useful, relevant, reliable and up-to-date information on education for various stakeholders within and outside the education sector. The MoE believes that the data presented in this publication is by no means considered exhaustive. For further inclusion and refinement to be made, the Ministry of Education is working to improve the quality and coverage of the education statistics.


መጻሕፍቲ ስዉእ ተጋዳላይ
ኣልኣሚን መሓመድ ስዒድ

ብዶ/ር ኣሕመድ ሓሰን ድሕሊ

ነቲ ብብጻይ ስዉእ ተጋዳላይ ኣልኣሚን መሓመድ ስዒድ ተደሪሱ ዝተዘርግሐ ሓሙሽተ መጻሕፍቲ ቅድሚ ምቅራበይ፡ ብዛዕባ ዝምድናታትና ኣብ ግዜ ቃልሲን ድሕሪ ናጽነትን ክጠቅስ እፈቱ። ንመጀመርታ ግዜ ዝተራኸብናሉ ኣብ 1969 ኣብ ሜዳ ምስ ተሰለፍኩ፡ ኣብ ሓደ ደጀን ሰውራ ኤርትራ ዝኾነ እምባ ገደም እዩ። ቅድሚኡ ካብ 1967 ጀሚረ ኣብ ምስጢራዊ ዋህዮ ተጋድሎ ሓርነት ኤርትራ እየ ነይረ። ስዉእ ኣብ’ቲ እዋን’ቲ ኣብ ራብዓይቲ ክፍሊ ሓላፊ ክፍሊ ሕክምና’ዩ ነይሩ። ኣነ ድማ ኣባል ናይ’ቲ ስዉኣት ተጋደልቲ ሙሳ ባቕርን ኣሕመድ ሓሰበላን ዝመርሕዎ ክፍሊ ዕጥቂእየ ነይረ። ካብ’ቲ እዋን’ቲ ጀሚሩ ከኣ ዝምድናታትና ደልዲሉ። ኣብ ግዜ ሰውራ ምስኡ ብዙሕ ቃለ መጠይቓት ገይረ ነይረ።ድሕሪ ናጽነት’ውን ብመገዲ ማእከል እስትራተጂያዊ መጽናዕቲ ኤርትራ ዓሚቊ ቃለ መጠይቓት ኣካይደሉ ኣሎኹ። ከምኡ’ውን ከም ኣባል ልኡኽ ሃገረ ኤርትራ ምስኡ ናብ ፓሪስ፡ ኻርቱምን ከሰላን ከይደ ኣሎኹ። ብተወሳኺ ምስኡ ኣብ ከተማ ምጽዋዕ ኣብ ገለ ርክባት መንግስቲ ኤርትራን


تصريح صحفي
ترحيل اللاجئين خطة المخزية

في الاسبوع الماضي اعلنت حكومتا بريطانيا ورواندا ترحيل طالبي اللجوء الى رواندا عبر رحلات ومن ثم تأهيلهم وذلك تحت غطاء ” يتم تسهيل قضاياهم “. اتفقت الدولتان على ما سمياه ” اتفاقية بريتي باتيل ” والتي قررت عبرها منح 120 مليون جنيه استرليني كدفعة اولى. هذه الخطة غير القانونية تستدعي طرح عدة تساؤلات. ففي الحقيقة هذه الخطة تم اخلاقها بالأساس لإخفاء الاسباب والعوامل المعقدة وكذلك الجوانب المتعلقة بتهجير البشر. فبالإضافة الى التناحرات والحروب التي يتم تأجيجها عبر الاجندات الخارجية، هناك ايضا يلاحظ بعض الدول التي تمارس بإستمرار ” استراتيجية تفريغ سكان ” بعض دول بالخفاء لتحقيق اهدافها وسياساتها الخاصة. وإذا اريد حل هذه الجريمة العالمية المتعددة الجوانب، فإنه يتطلب التركيز على الاسباب الحقيقية التي تم ذكرها اعلاه. هذه الخطة التي تتم المحاولة لتطبيقها في الوقت الحالي بتقديم رشوة مالية لدولة افريقية تعتبر خطة رخيصة وغير اخلاقية ويجب التنديد بها.

وزارة الاعلام
18 ابريل 2022

نقفه يا ارض الصمود
ويا رمز التحدي

بقلم: د.أحمد حسن دحلي
احتفلت مدينة نقفه ومعها كل مدن وقرى ارتريا في 23 مارس المنصرم بالعيد الخامس والأربعين لبزوغ شمس الحرية في رحابها، عندما اكتسح الجيش الشعبي في عام 1977 قوات الاحتلال الاثيوبي، واجتث جذور الاستعمار مرة واحدة والى الابد. فنقفه تتمتع بل وتتميز بعدة خصائص في تاريخ النضال التحرري الارتري، مما جعلها تتبوأ مكانة خاصة وفريدة في الذاكرة الجماعية الارترية، وعليه فلا غرو إذا ما خلدتها الجبهة الشعبية الحكومة الارترية لكي تظل منارة تاريخية وسياسية وعسكرية تنير الدرب على مدى الاجيال المتعاقبة.
ونوجز فيما يلي الخصائص التي تميزت بها مدينة نقفه في المنعطفات التاريخية والسياسية والعسكرية الحرجة والحاسمة في تاريخ الثورة الارترية.


Synopsis of the Archaeological Findings from the Greater Asmara Area

By: Abraham Zerai
The 1st millennium B.C. is an important period to understand changes in settlement, technology and economies that gave rise to the development of complex societies in various regions of the African continent. The Horn of Africa saw the development of extensive highland agro-pastoralist village communities as well as elite ritual centers in highland Eritrea and northern Ethiopia. The expansion of cultural exchanges and interaction patterns during the epoch had significant impacts on the development of agro-pastoralism, permanent village settlement and continuation of ritual manifestations.The 1st millennium B.C. witnessed the culmination of socio-economic and socio-political patterns and processes that began earlier around the 5th millennium.