February 27, 2021

መወከሲታት መጽሓፍ
ሽግር ሶማልያ ታሪኻዊ ዕምቈቱ ፖለቲካዊ
ምዕባለኡን መጻኢ ኣንፈቱን

መወከሲታት ቀዳማይ ክፋል
1 – Ahmed Jimale Ahmed, Intervention of Somalia
Ed. Red Sea Press, Law Rence Ville NJ 1995
2 – Hissoh John L: Oakley Robert Bj, Somalia and Operation restore Hope
Ed. United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC 1995.
3 – Issa-Salwe Abdisalam, The Collapse of the Somalia State
London 1995.
4 – Lewis I.M., People of the Horn of Africa
Ed. National African Institute, London 1995
5 – Lewis, Loan M.
Blood and Bone, the call of the kinship in Somalia society
Ed. The red Sea Press, Lawern cebille, NJ, 1994
6 – Lyons Terrence Samantar, Ahmed
Somalia: state collapse, multilateral intervention and strategies of…


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መጅልስ አምን ወለዛልም ቀራራቱ ድድ ኤረትርየ

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