December 30, 2017

Press Statement: UNHRC Special Rapporteur in cahoots with subversive groups

In mid-October this year, Eritrea’s avowed detractors convened a meeting in Brussels under the rubric of “human rights situation in Eritrea”. Principal speakers at the event – which was open to limited and selected invited guests during the first day (October 19th) included the Special Rapporteur on Eritrea (SR) Ms. Sheila Keetharuth; Ms. Mirien v. Reisen (European External Policy Advisor) – who has publicly and vocally opposed Eritrea’s independence from the outset – as well as a number of notorious “regime• change” activists and their foreign mentors.The first day public event was followed by a closed meeting that was held on 20th October. The Special Rapporteur participated in the closed meeting too in particular guiding the special discussion on coordination of all the disjointed “regime-change” activists. Documents and audio recordings obtained of the closed meeting reveal the “six-month plan of action” that this murky group have charted out to advance their elusive agenda of subversion and “regime-change”.

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